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Broad Constructions NSW/VIC is pleased to announce that they have been awarded the new Clinical Services Wing project for Sydney Children’s Hospital (SCH), Randwick.

On the anniversary of the Queensland floods, ANSO is proud to have spent the last year working with South West Natural Resource Management in QLD designing and trialing custom solutions with the aim to provide those in the region with solar remote HD Camera systems and data telemetry to better monitor and manage critical water ways from remote locations across 5 councils in southern Queensland. We look forward to the coming year and making a difference to the safety of those living in the area in the future.

Abigroup is one of Australia's leading and most diverse national contractors. To date it has successfully delivered some of the country's largest and most important infrastructure and construction projects. ANSO are proud to now be supplying and assisting Abigroup with remote solar camera systems for their projects.

With tens of thousands of images captured during the construction phase of this project from the solar 3G wireless systems atop 80m masts, some amazing images have been taken. These cameras have provided updated images from daybreak to dark, through some crazy weather.

The ANSO web camera systems have been used through the project simultaneously for long term timelapse image sequence recording of the construction, short rapid time lapse for important phases, real time image delivery to web, remote live monitoring and provided a two hourly updated image to the AGL project website.

Abigroup have deployed a small network of ANSO standalone solar powered 3G V-series web camera systems to vital operational locations throughout the project which includes construction of a quarry and process area, haulage road and a bund wall into the sea.

South West Natural Resource Management (NRM) Ltd is a community-based organisation and the designated regional body for natural resource management in South West Queensland. South West NRM has selected ANSO Web Camera Systems and an ANSO image management web platform for a variety of applications in the field including flood monitoring.

The leader in the US commercial space industry, Space Exploration Technologies has recently chosen our Sentinel V-series solar powered 3G system for use within a restricted area at Vandenburg Air Force Base in California, recording and transmitting images of works being carried out on a launch vehicle. Visit

Real Time Crop Watch (RTCW) is a company on the cutting edge of agriculture

ANSO Web Camera Systems opening new possibilities, and the feature of this recent article.

Real Time Crop Watch (RTCW) is a company on the cutting edge of agriculture by the monitoring and understanding of growing crops with the use of solar powered, high gain wireless webcam technology.

ANSO are proud to be involved with AGL Renewable Energy on their Bluff Wind Farm Project in South Australia. With our 'Sentinel' solar powered 3G wireless HD camera systems being commisioned atop 2 80m radio towers, 12 km apart, the view is simply stunning.

(The image shown is reduced in size and resolution)

November 2010 issue.

Forging high tech export links with their solar powered equipment. ANSO Web Camera Systems feature as the cover story.
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A record breaking project has recently resulted in the largest international air freight delivery we've made.

The 22 solar camera system setup equated to a full four pallets of equipment and mounting hardware that topped the scales at close to a tonne in total.

An international search has resulted in ANSO Web camera systems being chosen as the preferred solution for long term time lapse recording and remote monitoring of large scale government infrastructure projects in Northern Africa.

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