Remote 3G Solar Weather Station - Davis Vantage Access by ANSO

Vantage Access Weather Station - Solar Powered Internet Connectivity Suite


Utilising a solar powered 3G internet connected system with a Davis weather station (web camera not included). The Vantage Access is a 24/7 remote weather monitoring system that provides live weather data to the internet updated every minute that can be available to many stakeholders or direct to the public, while also logging the weather data for later analysis.

This system combines a a Davis Weather Station, a 24/7 solar power system and a 3G internet connection to produce the ultimate fully stand alone monitoring station. These systems are ideal for remotely monitoring the weather at a location where no fixed line power or internet  connection is available.extreme weather monitoring

With the rapid development of wireless 3G and 4G broadband internet, supported by today's affordable solar energy solutions, this true stand alone remote weather monitoring system revolutionises weather monitoring for remote locations. 


System Includes:

  • Integrated Davis Weather Station for remote weather monitoring
  • Solar panel & internal 40Ah battery and industrial power control system for 24/7 applications
  • Industrial grade wireless 3G modem/router (upgrade to 4G modem/router and/or WiFi available)
  • Quad Band 3G broadband antenna for improved reception
  • Programmable digital timer for power management
  • Steel weather proof lockable case and mounting hardware for easy installation at any location

Custom upgrades available such as remote cweb ameras, additonal external connection ports, 4G and/or Wifi connectivity and internal Davis weather viewing console (Camera and console included in "Commando with Weather" systems).



Wireless Broadband 3G internet connection

This system utilises an industrial grade 3G or 4G wireless internet modem/router to connect to the internet. We can arrange a 3G broadband account on the Telstra network at very competitive prices for you or use your supplied and activated 3G broadband internet sim card.

International customers need to install a 3G broadband sim card from a local provider. The quad band modem will connect to almost all networks around the world that use the normal range of frequencies.

Battery powered with solar recharge.

For the ability to truly be a stand alone system we have incorporated a solar powered battery and controller system to recharge the battery during daylight hours while the system is being used. Ideal for remote location monitoring where access to a power source may not be available.

Anywhere, anytime, this solar powered wireless 3G weather monitoring system can be installed easily and quickly and is dependent only on receiving a wireless 3G internet connection to it's location.

More System Options:

Upgrade to a 4G modem/router with fallback to 3G if 4G is not available. WiFi connectivity in the modem router is also available.

View our Commando models if you would like to include a remote IP camera.