Camera System Applications

Monitor important assets with a high resolution camera, ideal for monitoring important assets such as water catchments and river levels, construction sites, farms and rural locations.
Farming webcam systems. Wireless 3G broadband solar powered web camera systems ideal for farm applications. Easily check your crops or livestock or monitor your water supply from a remote location.
Stand alone camera systems for image recording in wildlife conservation and environmental applications. Solar powered camera systems for remote position setup and easy relocation.
If you have a large public audience wishing to view regular images of an event or project, a stand alone high resolution camera system with an auto image archiving website is the solution.
Web camera image recording for construction projects. Ideal for work site surveillance or time lapse recording with easy relocation. Construction time lapse camera systems.
Remotely view mining projects and assets. Our solar powered wireless internet systems are easily installed and relocated, require minimal maintenance and can provide significant value.

Time Lapse Image Recording

Time lapse image recording for applications such as construction projects, events, weather and environmental studies. Install your own 3G enabled solar powered time lapse camera system.

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