Environmental Monitoring and Conservation Cameras

Stand alone outdoor camera systems for image recording in wildlife conservation and environmental monitoring applications. Solar powered camera systems for remote installation and easy periodical relocation. Industrial grade system construction for long term use in extreme environments.

We use high resolution cameras for maximum image capture detail. Including multiple stream digital zoom recording from the one camera.

Record images to a high capacity SD card or upgrade to the wireless 3G internet system for immediate uploading of images for access via the web.

Ideal for ecological research applications for monitoring environmental change by recording time lapse image sequences over long periods of time.

Monitor wildlife habitats and nature reserves for conservation and education applications. Connect scientists and students with nature and wildlife directly from an internet connection. Utilise inbuilt movement sensor functionality to only capture when wildlife is in picture.

Conservation and environmental applications include:

  • Monitor and archive beach and soil erosion
  • Mapping topographical change
  • Monitor and archive vegetation growth
  • Monitor water reservoirs or river levels
  • Wildlife recording and monitoring for education and conservation
  • Remote location weather research
  • Environmental impact research
  • Drainage and waste management

These stand alone camera systems are ideal for any research that requires visual monitoring and archiving over time. Image sequences can then be compiled into a time lapse video for viewing or images archives can be reviewed by date ranges.

Utilise the latest in camera system technology by having a Wireless 3G Internet connected system that gives you the peace of mind in knowing everyday that the camera is working and images are being captured as well as providing the ability to rem otely login to your camera and view the.live video feed.

Custom upgrades available for larger battery and solar panels for 24/7 recording and night vision.


View the current solar powered and 3G internet connected web camera system models.

Stand alone camera systems for image recording in wildlife conservation and environmental applications. Solar powered camera systems for remote position setup and easy relocation.