Livestock Web Camera Systems

Outdoor web camera systems for remotely monitoring livestock and farm assets from your web browser with a stand alone 3G internet connected web camera system. Monitor your valuable animals and livestock from any internet connection.

Our camera systems can be solar powered for use in fields and pastures or mains powered for use in barns or animal shelters.

Some typical farming applications for our camera systems are:

  • Remote monitoring for calf, lamb and foal birthing.
  • Checking feed and water for livestock.
  • Monitor gates and record visitors on motion detection.
  • Watch crops daily from any internet browser.
  • Login to the camera for a live view of current weather conditions.

Being fully stand alone systems these can be deployed to different locations easily and quickly. Excellent for use on farms to monitor different locations at various times of the year.

Keep a close watch on your horses, cows or sheep for birthing to start, keep an eye on your prized bulls for security, watch important gates or water supplies for your animals. There are endless uses for a stand alone wireless web camera on your farm or ranch.

View the current solar powered and 3G internet connected web camera system models.