Asset Management & Monitoring

Keep in touch with your important assets from anywhere in the world. Web cameras are no longer limited to locations with power and fixed internet connections. At ANSO Web Camera Systems we provide high resolution solar powered camera systems that connect to the internet via the Wireless 3G Broadband networks.

Deliver timed images to stakeholders or the general public via upload to a live website. You can now manage your important assets on a daily basis via the internet, instead of just when you visit the location.

Avoid extensive travel time to monitor your assets, monitor them daily via any internet connection. Review regular images at a glance or login to your camera system to view a live video for a closer look. Our camera systems are packed with features such as email and FTP image sending and advanced motion detection for triggering image capture.

Our high resolution camera solutions are ideal for monitoring important assets, some examples are as follows:


  • Lakes, dams, rivers, reservoirs and flood lands.
  • Nature reserves, parklands and wetlands. Monitor vegetation growth and health.
  • Irrigation channels, crop management, livestock, farming resources and equipment.
  • Construction sites for progress and remote management.
  • Simultaneously capture a full time-lapse sequence of your project.
  • Rural properties, mining sites, beaches and coastlines.
  • Anywhere that can obtain a Wireless 3G Internet connection.

Send images to a live website for many stakeholders to review with ease. Overseas investors can easily keep in touch with large assets on a daily basis. Images can be delivered to an advanced web platform that is highly configurable to enable restricted access via a login for viewers and administrators. Alternatively images can be displayed to the public or send to a different web server of your choice. Our web camera systems are designed to be flexible and functional to support your needs.

By positioning a water level post in the camera shot you can accurately monitor river levels for early warning flood management or for drought and livestock welfare. By capturing images at set intervals you can easily look at a sequence of events to understand situations such as rising river levels.


View the current solar powered and 3G internet connected web camera system models.

Monitor important assets with a high resolution camera, ideal for monitoring important assets such as water catchments and river levels, construction sites, farms and rural locations.