Rural & Farming Web Camera Monitoring

Standalone System in CropMobile 3G broadband solar powered web camera systems ideal for farming applications. Easily check your crops or livestock or monitor your water supply from a remote location. 


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This image shows a stand alone system temporarily placed to view a crop.


Our stand alone web camera system can be used in remote locations where power and fixed line internet connections are not available.

The systems are perfect for seasonal applications to monitor a particular crop and easily move it to another field or project.

With water becoming such an important resource in Australia, you can now monitor your water levels for a lake, dam or irrigation channel on a daily basis from any internet connection.

Be more efficient with your time, check your important assets daily and only attend them when required.

Our stand alone systems that are solar powered and use a wireless 3G internet connection are perfect for applications where camera positions need to be changed on a regular basis or where fixed power and internet connections are not readily available.

Some farming applications for the wireless 3G broadband solar web camera system are:

  • Daily water level monitoring
  • Visual crop monitoring for environmental impacts
  • Livestock monitoring



Click Here to view our latest industrial grade stand alone web camera system that is ideal for farming applications. This system now includes an industrial modem/router for extreme conditions, a lockable steel case for durability and security as well as a high gain external 3G antenna for increased wireless internet reception in remote areas.

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