Construction Time Lapse Web Camera


Time lapse recording and live remote monitoring for construction projects. Ideal for work site surveillance and project management and sumultaneous time lapse image recording over the life of a project.

We provie 3G and satellite internet connected camera systems with solar powered and 12V supply options. Our solar 3G camera systems are a truly stand alone system for easy deployment.

Display images of your project to a large group of stakeholders by integrating an automated image cataloguing website platform while also giving a project manager the ability to view the live video feed.

Camera system features include:

  • Solar powered for standalone operation.
  • 3G internet connected for installation to any location and remote management functionality.
  • Rugged outdoor housing and construction for long term use in extreme environments.
  • Record time lapse image sequences.
  • Remotely monitor your site from any internet connection.
  • Save images onboard the camera system and offsite on a web server.
  • Deliver regular images to a large online audience.

View progress on a job site from any internet connection. Spend less time travelling between your projects and more time getting the work done.

Our fully stand alone systems that are solar powered and use a wireless 3G internet connection are perfect for applications where camera positions need to be changed on a regular basis. Also this is ideal for construction sites where power or an internet connection is not readily available.

Capture regular images over the life of a project to then compile into a time lapse animation. Impress your future clients by displaying past projects as time lapse recordings on your website.

View the current solar powered and 3G internet connected web camera system models.