Web Camera Systems - Custom Requirements and Modifications

We can provide custom camera system upgrades and modifications and develop remote management solutions to cater for specific requirements. 

Some possible custom upgrades include:

  • Camera systems with multiple camera heads (M-Series recommended)
  • Detached camera heads from system case
  • Connectivity upgrades. eg. 4G or WiFi connections. WiFi bridge configurations.
  • External system connection points. eg. Additional Ethernet connection point 
  • Larger or additional solar panels for limited light areas or high usage
  • Increased battery capacity for high usage applications
  • 12V powered systems with battery backup
  • Larger SD capacity for internal storage (standard systems supplied with 16Gb or 32Gb storage)
  • Bigger antennas for 3G/4G or WiFi connections
  • Other external data storage solutions
  • Custom system housings and mounting hardware
  • Custom web development for online image viewing functionality.

Contact us to discuss your project requirements and we can determine any additional solutions that we can offer.

  ** Custom camera system solutions **