Image Viewing Website Platform

Included with the purchase of any camera system is 12 months of free web hosting with a pre-installed Website Image Viewing Platform for online viewing of images uploaded from your camera system.

Your camera system will be pre-configured prior to delivery to immediately start uploading images to this online interface from the moment it is installed and connects to the internet. In this way we do not just offer camera systems hardware, but instead we provide a complete integrated online solution that includes the system hardware, full configuration and setup as well as the online interface to get the most out of your investment.

Use of the included hosting and web platform is by no means a requirement to utilising our camera systems. the system configuration can be full customised and configured to your individual requirements such as uploading images to your own web server instead of utilising our included services, or uploading a copy of images to both our servers and yours. 

While it is common for our new clients to question the need for using our included hosting and web platform, it is rare that they will choose to do without it once they have experienced the added value it offers. The reason for this is because our web platform offers some unique features that significantly increase the capabilities and effectiveness of our camera systems in almost every application.

The defining feature of our unique Image Viewing Web Platform is the ability to display all individual images that are uploaded as a sequence of images, instead of just displaying a latest image that is overwritten each time when uploaded. 

First impressions may lead you to think that it is a simple thing to do, but there is nothing simple about delivering the online web features that we offer, which is why you won't find it offered with other camera solutions. In addition to being web camera systems hardware specialists we are also highly experienced web development professionals, therefore giving us a different perspective on what is achievable with internet connected high-end IP camera systems.

Our Image Viewing Web Platform can also accommodate images uploaded from multiple cameras and/or multiple streams from individual cameras in an easily accessed user authenticated website interface.

Images uploaded from our camera systems are all sequentially ordered by date/time file names for instant identification of when each image was captured. Any thumbnail image can be selected to view it larger, or then expanded again to full resolution, which means images uploaded from our 5MP and 6MP camera systems will display significantly larger than your computer screen.



In the Latest Images summary view each camera or image stream sequence will be displayed as a run of the latest 4 images, and from there you can delve deeper into any inidividual sequence of image to look further back through the image archive. When recording time lapse images this gives you absolute confidence that images are being captured and archived, and when utilised for other purposes such as project management, environmental research, security monitoring, waste dumping, farming and agriculture maintenance, or flood and fire warning and tracking, the ability to see change through the sequence of images becomes an extremely powerful tool in all of these applications.

Looking at a live web camera or a latest image from a camera only tells you part of a story, which is where are we now, but being able to easily look through a historical sequence of images in a live environment tells a significantly more detailed story. 


Some examples of utilising a historical sequence of images are as follows:

Project Management: Provides stakeholders a clear timeline of progress with an undisputable visual reference as to the exact time frame when any event occured or stage was completed. Construction project coordinators wonder how they ever lived without it. 

Environmental Research: Identifies when significant events occur as well as a progression timeline for how fast events are occuring. Some current applications include erosion monitoring, public infrastructure planning and natural resource protection such as monitoring of fishing boats on reefs.  

Security Monitoring and Illegal Waste Dumping: Cameras can be configured for simultaneous timed image recording as well as video motion detection capture. The time sequenced images easily identify a time frame when the change occurs such as rubbish had been dumped. You can then look at the uploaded sequence of video motion triggers images for activity, or for further details remotely access the onboard storage of the camera system for additional images and video segments that were triggered by video motion.

Farming and Agriculture: Identify growth between images as well as changes in health, foliage colour, pest activity or moisture levels by plaqcing a moisture indicator in the visible image area. The ultra high definition images from our 5MP and 6MP cameras provide the ability to see excellent detail at a simple click, or utilise the remote optical zoom on or V-Series models for an even closer details analysis.

Flood & Fire Monitoring: Easily monitor whether flood waters are rising or falling by the progression of change through the images, where a single current image or live view cannot provide this information. In the same way you can monitor bush fires to see speed and direction of the fire. When combined with our Commando Systems with an integrated weather station you can see live weather sensor readings directly next to latest images for a complete overview. (see example below)


Our Image Viewing Web Platform is a trully stand alone full function dynamic CMS website, custom installed onto the included individual web web hosting plan on one of our dedicated servers where your images are uploaded and displayed for easy viewing by an unlimited number of stakeholders.

This is different to remotely accessing the camera system directly via the mobile broadband connection, which we recommend should be limited to selected administrators within your organisation, as accessing the cameras directly actively uses mobile data and requires controlled usage, whereas the image viewing website can be accessed via the internet from as many stakeholders and employees as is required.

This website is a dynamic CMS web platform custom developed from the Drupal Open Source Website Architecture. You can also login to your web hosting account via FTP/SSH(SFTP) or through the hosting control panel to view the raw uploaded images. Image archives can be compressed to ZIP archives on the web server for easy downloading to offline storage.

This website can be used as a secure ‘Admin only’ or 'Stakeholder only' management tool to ensure the cameras are active, view the latest images and catalogue the images, or as a publicly viewable website if you wish to add further content. Alternatively images can be displayed direct to the public with a timed delay to enable time to unpublish images before they are made public.

We find that managing multiple cameras is much easier, quicker and less bandwidth intensive using the Image Viewing Website than logging in to multiple cameras continuously. This can also be a valuable tool for a single camera system, but the most value comes from viewing images from multiple cameras in the one interface.

This website is highly configurable and is provided with a number of different themes and colours to better suit your particular corporate colours if you wish. It can be further customised or upgraded with a wide scope of functionality to suit just about any need. Highly configurable permissions and user management, compatible with all web browsers and smart devices with the ability to add further content to support you project if you want to utilise the full website CMS capabilities.

Our approach is to provide the highest levels of online functionality with the added ability to customise both the camera system hardware and online tools to your specific requirements to maximise your return on investment.


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