Digital Inputs & Outputs

A range of digital inputs and outputs are available for remote device switching and use with external triggers for camera event activation, and SMS alerting.

Digital outputs allow the switching of pumps, gates or other independently powered devices, with the activation of the appropriate relays. Digital inputs can utilise external PIR sensors or other mechanical switches or devices to trigger events or alerts within the system.


Basic Camera I/O

Basic Camera I/O

Our V-series cameras include functionality for a direct single digital input and single output which can be used for switching. The Basic I/O kit includes the relay, wiring, enclosure and fittings for simple ON/OFF switching of any circuit (NO or NC) up to 5Amps via a button on the camera web interface (shown right).





Advanced Twin I/O Integration

For more complex jobs, the Advanced Twin I/O system provides two digital inputs and two configurable digital outputs controlled directly from the communications wen interface. This can be used as the primary I/O solution or in tandem with the Basic Camera I/O in many systems.

The two digital inputs allow for activation of direct SMS alerting by external mechanical means, such as real water level monitoring and flood alerting utilising float switches or other sensors. The two digital outputs can be used to activate further relays to switch just about anything, and include configurable ON/OFF pulse control for one touch device operation.


Custom IP Switching

Our Ranger systems are available with a number of further custom IP switching solutions providing real web control of 4 or 8 individual NO or NC circuits. Please talk with us about your particular application.

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A Sentinel VHD solar 3G web camera system with the basic camera I/O kit mounted on the camera head. This setup is used for wireless operation of solar powered gate systems.

Switch your

Pumps & Valves
Lighting & Security
Remote Gates
Watering & Feeding
Traps & Baiting
Overflow systems


Control just about any solar or independently powered device at your camera location.

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