Direct camera access for live monitoring and remote management

ANSO Web Camera Systems are remotely accessible via the 4G-LTE/3G mobile broadband internet network connection. This functionality allows you to access the camera directly via your internet web browser. The camera systems are pre-configured with a dynamic DNS service for connecting to your camera via a mobile broadband dynamic IP address. This gives you complete control of your camera system from any internet connected compuiter or smart device.

Once you have logged in to the camera remotely you can view the live video stream in real time, choose from the multiple output streams for live viewing and digitally zoom and pan within the field of view. Additionally you can remotely manage the camera configuration such as modifying event settings and image capture timings, alter the image colour and exposure, manage your different image/video stream settings, change optical zoom and focus (V-Series systems only) and remotely access data that has been stored onboard the internal SD card.

Live camera access 1. Monitor your camera in real time, streaming video from 1 fps up to 30 fps (bandwidth permitting)
2. Switch between the multiple configurable image streams.
3. Digital zoom and pan controls.
4. Electronic point to zoom - easily zoom, pan and navigate with in your cameras field of view, in real time.
5. Access your camera configuration, setup, stored images and more.


Example of live viewing interface above is from our V-Series range of systems.