Camera Heads

V-Series versus M-Series Cameras

We have two different models of camera head that can go onto any of the Commando, Sentinel or Scout systems. While we generally refer to the M-Series as the higher level camera as it is more expensive, there are situations especially related to monitoring applications such as farming or security monitoring where the V-Series may still be the better option.

Standard features with all camera heads

  • Periodical image capture for time lapse recording
  • Save images to onboard storage as well as upload a copy to an FTP server
  • Send images via email
  • Digital motion detect for event triggers
  • View the live image feed by remotely logging into the camera via the 3G network

V-Series Camera Head (Vivotek brand)

  • Now two V-Series camera options available. Choose either 2Mp HD 1920x1080 or 5Mp HD+ 2560x1920.
  • Simpler camera interface for managing the camera.
  • Supports one I/O trigger directly from the live camera view to be able to switch a gate or pump
  • 2Mp camera supplied with removable 16Gb micro SD card, 5Mp camera supplied with removable 32Gb SD Card, for easy local retrieval of onboard images
  • Comes standard with a variable optical lens to adjust focal length (optical lens is remotely adjustable in the 5Mp camera)
  • Has built in IR illuminators (recommend only for use on a Commando system due to solar powered battery capacity)

M-Series (Mobotix brand)

  • Has max resolution of 2048x1536 (Larger than full HD)
  • More complicated admin interface, but more functional in some applications
  • Interchangeable lenses for a different angle field of view such as 90°, 70°, 45° etc. (Unlike V series which is adjustable)
  • Better image capture timing to capture at exact times instead of just at a set interval
  • Has non removable 32Gb micro SD card where local retrieval of images is done by connecting a laptop via ethernet

Other optional M-Series camera heads

  • 180° Hemispherical lens camera
  • Dual Lens camera with day and night lenses
  • CS Vario Lens camera for variable lens like V-Series