Construction Time Lapse

Time lapse recording of construction projects with live images displayed on a website during the project. Don't just record your project for display after it is finished, display the live images on a website for stakeholders to view at any time.

We can provide industrial grade high definition web camera systems that are fully stand alone so they don't require any wired power or internet connections. Our stand alone systems are ideal for short term construction projects where the camera position is a temporary arrangement or for long term permanent installations.

Our new M-Series camera systems can produce an image resolution of 2048x1536 which is larger than  normal HD resolution, while our new V-Series cameras are now HD at 1920x1080. Not only does this produce an excellent image size for time lapse recording that is HD quality, but this can also be utilised for displaying very detailed images live to the internet.

The fully stand alone systems include solar power supply and 3G wireless broadband internet connection. This means that all the system needs is a secure mounting position and you are ready to go. Simply switch the system on and your time lapse images will commence, and your web images will begin being uploaded to the web server.

One of the biggest factors with time lapse recording is image resolution and clarity. From our experience in this field we only use cameras with a minimum of 1920x1080 resolution as anything less just doesn't produce the desired results. This resolution makes the time lapse recordings fully usable on wide screen HD television or any other type of media.

By purchasing your own stand alone web camera and time lapse system you can manage your own time lapse recordings and relocate your camera system whenever you require.

While our systems are excellent for time lapse recording, consider the benefits of using the same camera for sending images directly to web for a large audience to view from any location. This provides both an immediate benefit and a long term benefit, maximising your investment.

We can also integrate a weather station for remote weather monitoring of the site from any internet connection.

Please contact us for more information about customising a time lapse system for your construction project or view our construction time lapse camera systems.