System Models

Sentinel model

Our Sentinel models are our daytime only models. These are a single battery and solar panel system that is ideal for daylight use only where the system shuts down each night to conserve power and then restarts and connects again in the morning.

These are excellent for applications where it is for image capture during daylight only hours such as a construction time lapse project. In many instances this is all that is required as there is no point capturing images in the dark when the subject is not visible as the images will just be black.

In some instances the Sentinel can run for 24/7 applications, as a fully charged battery will last through the night but we find that some consecutive days of low light conditions can mean the systems deplete over time and can hit the voltage disconnect cut off point.

Commando Model

Our Commando models are for 24/7 applications. These are a larger system that has larger battery capacity and solar panels to be able to provide enough power and recharge capacity to last through every night consistently.

With the Commando systems having more power capacity there is a whole range of other functionality that can be added in conjunction with a camera. We have Commando systems with full weather stations integrated that enable you to remotely monitor the weather in that location. The system can have a second camera head to point in a different direction.

Other options are to have remote sensors such as water level triggers that can send SMS alerts at a specific water level, or remote triggers to open/close a gate or switch on a pump remotely via the 3G internet connection.