Time Lapse Image Recording

Time lapse camera systems for applications such as construction developments, public events, research projects and environmental monitoring.


Our time lapse camera systems are solar powered and 4G internet connected, providing a solution that is a stand alone system that can be monitored remotely via any internet connection. A copy of all images are stored onboard the camera system while a second copy is uploaded to a web server for off location archiving and viewing via the internet.

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Time Lapse Camera Systems Features:

  • Camera models with 2MP, 5MP & 6MP image resolution.
  • Stunning image capture with remotely adjustable colour, exposure, brightness, white balance control.
  • Automated image recording to your own capture intervals (intervals as short a 1 minute, or any number of minutes between each image).
  • Stand alone solar powered and 4G internet connected systems for easy deployment to any location.
  • Images uploaded to  a web server for offsite storage (can be uploaded to the included web hosting on ANSO dedicated servers and/or uploaded to your own web hosting server).
  • Another copy of all images stored locally on the camera system.
  • Images can be emailed, or you may want a daily email with an image attachment to ensure the system is operational every day.
  • Multi-stream cameras allow you to capture multiple simultaneous time lapse sequences from a single camera (different times, multiple resolutions, different capture intervals, different zoom positions). 
  • Remotely accessible to view the live video stream and to remotely modify your image capture events and timing intervals (remotely enable an ad-hoc high frequency image capture event on special days while simultaneously continuing to capture your normal time lapse images as well).
  • Utilise your time lapse camera system to also upload a latest image to your own website, or have it configured to switch to security monitoring events after hours (applicable to Commando 24/7 operation systems) 
  • Record segments of video to onboard storage while also capturing your time lapse images.
  • Included web hosting account for 12 months with pre-installed website image viewing platform. Web hosting includes direct cPanel access to download your raw image archives to offline storage.
  • Website Image Viewing Platform displays uploaded image sequences from multiple cameras in a single easy to monitor interface. Ideal for ensuring the cameras are operational and capturing images.
  • Utilise the Image Viewing Web Platform for project management during the project while also archiving the time lapse images.
  • Daily image backups to ANSO offline servers for archiving and additional data backup  retention when images are uploaded to ANSO web hosting servers.
  • All images belong to you and are solely your property.
  • All image archives stored on ANSO web hosting servers and offline backup servers are available to you in full raw format. Data stored on offline storage is kept indefinitely and is available upon request at no charge.
  • Custom camera systems with multiple camera heads available.


In addition to recording the time lapse images our camera systems can simultaneously be used for remote monitoring  such as monitoring a construction site for progress, which means the camera system can be a valuable tool for project managers and stakeholders during the project as well as archiving high resolution images for creating a time lapse once the project is completed.

Our included website image viewing platform enables simple online viewing of the time lapse images only minutes after being captured and uploaded, therefore ensuring absolute confidence that the time lapse images are being recorded. Our unique web platform doesn't just display a latest image, but instead shows the sequence of captured images in thumbnail view, each individual image can then be selected to view at full resolution. 

Below is a link to a demonstration version of our Image Viewing Web Platform. The demo platform has some examples of the images that are captured from our different camera models. This replicates the layout of displaying images from three separate cameras into the one interface  

On the home page is the latest image from each camera, where you can click on an image to see it larger and then click the expand icon to view it at full size, which will be significantly larger than your computer screen when viewing the 5MP and 6MP image examples.

You can then select the "Latest Images" menu item on the demo platform to see a sequence of the last 4 images from each camera. You can then select the "More Images" menu to view more than the last 4 images.

View a demo version of our Image Viewing Website Platform

Find out more about the included Image Viewing Website Platform


Our time lapse camera systems are fully configurable to your own specific requirements. They can be set to shoot at specific times of the day at intervals as short as 1 minute. You can remotely login to the cameras to reconfigure capture timings at any time.

The only ongoing costs are for the monthly mobile internet connection service (billed direct to you from the ISP such as Telstra) and ANSO web hosting / web platform costs after the initial included 12 months. If you prefer to upload images direct to your own web hosting server or decide to just store images onboard the camera system you can choose not to continue with the ANSO web hosting and web platform services and incur no additional costs with us.

Once purchased, the camera system belongs to you and is yours to re-configure and re-deploy as you need for your requirements without restrictions.

Construction Project Time Lapse Recording

Time lapse image recording for applications such as projects, events, weather and environment. Time lapse can be a very powerful visual aid for future sales and promotion.