River Monitoring and Flood Warning Systems

Monitor water levels for rivers and reservoirs in remote locations with solar powered wireless 3G web camera systems. Ideal for monitoring water cachment areas for early flood warnings.

With our custom image viewing web platform you can remotely monitor many locations via a web interface that receives regular images of your locations. With water level posts positioned in the camera view you can accurately assess water height. An ongoing archive of images allows you to view previous images to determine rate of change in water levels.

During heavy rain or potential flood events an administrator can login to any camera live video feed to look at the current levels.

Some applications related to water monitoring include:

  • Monitor rivers and waterways for early flood warnings.
  • Alert administrators of flooded roads and transport.
  • Remotely check irrigation channels and livestock water supplies.

Custom web camera systems can be built with extended battery life for night usage and the option to utilise built in LED illuminators on our V-Series models where the water level measuring post is within the lighting range.

Using the advanced features of our M-Series models we can implement motion detection functionality to automatically detect when water levels reach certain heights and to send alert emails when events are identified.

While our standard Sentinel Web Camera System requires being in range of an active 3G internet connection, custom satellite internet connection systems can also be developed for critical remote locations.

View the current solar powered and 3G internet connected web camera system models.