How do I get my ANSO Web Camera System setup?

Step 1 - Talk to us about your requirements

Contact us to talk about your web camera requirements. We can help you choose the right system for your needs and guide you through the setup process. Each of our systems have some differences in setup depending on the system specification.

Step 2 - Test your camera location for a wireless 3G/4G-LTE connection.

Where possible, test your camera location with a mobile phone, tablet, Ipad or laptop computer by connecting to the internet. On your mobile phone you can usually go into the connection settings to see what networks are available.

For Australian clients to obtain full remote access functionality with our camera systems, you will need to have available service with the Telstra Mobile Broadband network.

Step 3 - Determine a suitable mounting design

We provide custom mounting hardware with our camera systems to facilitate an easy installation at your end. The most common mounting arrangement is to fix the system to an 80mm NB steel pole (89mm outside diameter), however we can provide mounting hardeware to fix systems to any type of pole or structure, or we can offer many other solutions such as free-standing rooftop frames. 

Where custom solutions are required we will provide drawings of the mounting design as part of the quoting process. Mounting hardware costs vary depending on the requirement.

Step 4 - Activate your Telstra sim card

In order to connect our systems using a 3G or 4G connection you will need to activate a sim card to your Telstra account.

Usually we will advise our clients of a serial number for a blank sim that we have ready to go into our systems. You can activate the sim card through your normal Telstra representative, then we can setup the sim and test its operation in the camera system prior to delivery.

We can also recommend an Authorised Telstra Dealer that has assisted many of our clients to easly activate one of our blank sim cards to your account.

Step 5 - Unpack and mount the system and turn it on

For Australian customers we ship the whole system to you with your activated sim card installed and configured ready to use.

All you have to do upon receiving the system is mount it to a fixed pole or mounting position at your desired location, then from inside the lockable steel case you simply connect the power to the system and then turn on the system operation.

We highly recommend that our clients call us when they need to turn on their system for the first time so that we can assist with any questions or concerns. Once the system is powered on we can then remotely access it to check operation, finalise any configuration settings and ensure everything is running as expected.

Step 6 - View your images online and remotely access your camera system

We will provide detailed instructions for accessing your images online. We provide 12 months of web hosting with a pre-installed Image Viewing Website Platform for storage and viewing of your images included with the product.

We can also provide instructions and phone support for remotely accessing your camera to watch the live stream and/or remotely modify any configuration settings.

Step 7 - Contact us for assistance if required

If you have any issues with ongoing operation or you need some assistance to make some configuration adjustments, just contact the specialists at ANSO Web Camera Systems and we are heppy to help.